Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Ol' Gunny

We are most of the way through our epic holiday season. Shortly before Christmas we left Durango and visited Johns Aunt and Uncle in Ridgway, then continued on to Greeley for Christmas. A few days after Christmas we grabbed our good friend Brian in Colorado Springs and then drove all the way to Minneapolis for a wedding on New Years Eve. On new years day we left for Gunnison to make it to a Bachelors Party in Gunnison on Monday, bringing my brother Stephen along with us. Holy Cow, so much driving! We will leave Sunday after church and return to Durango. School starts Monday!

It is good to spend time with our brothers and sisters here in Gunnison. We are so thankful for how the Lord works in and through their lives. With no snow here to play in, we've been forced to focus on reconnecting with people and investing in conversations about what the Lord has done in our lives since we spent time here last. Maybe that's why there's no snow here... ;-)

Please pray that we would make wise decisions about committing to housing and that we would leave our finances entirely in Gods hands. Pray for a smooth transition into a new school for John. Pray that Laura would trust the Lord to provide her with the job he intends to use to grow her faith and bring her through the transition from student to productive-degree-possessing-working-adult-person.

God is so good to us. He daily sustains our relationship with each other, lavishing us with peace and joy together and a hope for the future he has planned for us.

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